A AMAZON TOUR GUIDE TRAVEL AND TOURISM. In his vast experience in the tourism of this land of so many riches and enchantments, it aims to provide you with unique moments together with the fauna and flora of the true Amazonian paradise.


We are waiting for you to join us in this adventure for our beloved AMAZON.

The AMAZON TOUR GUIDE TRAVEL AND TOURISM LTDA. He wants to take you and your family to know the wonders of the AMAZON. We make excursions to the most diverse tourist spots of Manaus such as the famous Amazonas Theater, the Rio Negro Palace, the Adolpho Lisbon Municipal Market, the INPA National Institute of Amazonian Research, among many other important tourist attractions of this beautiful and welcoming city.



We also get to know the spectacular Meeting of the Waters, adventures in the Black River like swimming with the dolphins, to see Vitória Régia, walks by igarapés and igapós, fishing of piranhas, focus of alligators, walks in the jungle, to know communities Ribeirinhas, baths in the Presidente Figueiredo's Waterfalls and much more.

We offer IN / OUT transfer services in executive type cars, vans, micro buses and airport buses, hotels and restaurants with accompanying bilingual guide in all our services. We also offer yacht expeditions in jungle nights and much more

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